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        來源:http://www.lesdapp.com/ 日期:2022-05-30
        概述:如果使用時間長,油封會磨損。解決方法:更換新油封即可。 If used for a long time, the oil seal will wear Solution: repl
        If used for a long time, the oil seal will wear. Solution: replace the oil seal with a new one.
        If the oil is not changed for a long time, the quality of the filter element will become poor, the oil will become too dirty, and the wear of the oil seal will accelerate. Solution: replace the hydraulic oil and filter element as soon as possible.
        The transmission shaft is out of balance and vibrates violently, causing wear of the main shaft swing oil seal. Solution: repair and replace the shaft in time.
        The deterioration and emulsification of hydraulic oil will reduce the lubricating performance and accelerate the wear of oil seal. Solution: replace the hydraulic oil and filter element as soon as possible. In severe cases, the system needs to be cleaned.
        The pump support is loose, the pump is started, and the pump fixing bolts are loose, causing vibration of the entire hydraulic pump and wear of the oil seal. Solution: regularly check and eliminate the possibility of failure of the full-automatic feeding and mixing forklift to prevent and avoid failure.
        The oil return of the automatic concrete mixer system is poor, and the oil return pipeline and radiator are blocked, resulting in the pressure rise of the motor housing and oil seal leakage. Solution: remove the blockage and stabilize the oil return circuit.
        If the radiator does not dissipate heat, the oil temperature will become too high, the viscosity and lubricity will be reduced, the oil seal will overheat and the oil seal will not work.
        Solution: remove the obstacles on the radiator and cool the system to prevent the pump motor from wearing. In severe cases, the engine must be stopped and stopped, and the pump motor and radiator housing must be flushed with water for cooling.
        During winter operation, due to insufficient preheating and low oil temperature, the oil seal and oil seal can not reach the ideal working temperature. Countermeasures: stop the oil tank when starting, idle for 10 ~ 20 minutes, and replace the oil tank after the oil temperature returns to normal.
        The oil seal at the shaft end of the hydraulic pump of the automatic concrete mixer is fragile. Strict compliance with relevant regulations can effectively prevent multiple oil leaks. If you experience an oil leak, you need to calm down and determine the specific cause of the problem.
        This is how to solve the problem of "oil retaining" of automatic concrete mixer. You can follow our website www.zkhntjbc Learn more about consulting!



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