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        新聞資訊 /news


        來源:http://www.lesdapp.com/ 日期:2022-05-20
        Small mixer is an advanced mixing machine, which meets the needs of high quality and poor mixing conditions. The mixing uniformity, mixing speed and mixing cycle all meet the user's standards. On the basis of meeting the needs of users, the self-sufficient material mixer innovates and optimizes the construction and application of users.
        Small blenders have many highlights. In terms of appearance design and technology, the design of small mixer is very novel and the layout of mixer is convenient; Small mixers are superior in mixing capacity, so many other industries also began to borrow this equipment for production and manufacturing.
        Small mixers have higher economic benefits. Compared with other types of mixers, they have less energy consumption and high production efficiency; The failure rate of small mixers is low, and the replacement frequency of vulnerable parts is significantly lower than that of other types of mixers. The mixer has large mixing control range, flexible speed regulation, can quickly adapt to the changes of various brick making formulas, and has strong mixing stability.
        The mixer has the advantages of simple structure, fast use, high degree of automation, mechanical operation, less labor and low labor intensity. The processing efficiency is high and continuous, which can form high-quality processing forms under various production and processing conditions. Can be well controlled.
        The mixing speed of the equipment can realize stepless speed regulation in a large range, maintain reliable and stable transmission, improve the operation efficiency of the mixer, reduce the energy consumption of the equipment, and ensure that the mixer works without noise. This machine has strong countercurrent mixing force and can drive the whole mixing drum to run. It has strong randomness and kneading force.
        In addition, simple overhaul and maintenance are required after shutdown to eliminate hidden dangers in use, ensure that the self delivery mixer is in good condition and ensure that the mixing work is on standby at any time. Time. After the work, the equipment shall be thoroughly cleaned and properly shut down. Regular maintenance is very important. We should not only clean the whole machine comprehensively, but also carry out detailed lubrication and refueling, as well as the maintenance of relevant circuits and wires.
        Small mixer is an ideal construction mixing equipment. That's all for the relevant information. You can pay attention to our website www.lesdapp.com COM, get more updated information!



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