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        來源:http://www.lesdapp.com/ 日期:2022-05-16
        Small mixers are widely used and can stir a variety of mixtures. In addition, it can be flexibly customized according to the use situation of customers, and the specifications, models and parameters can be changed with the needs of customers to meet the needs of mixing operation. However, in order to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel, there are several principles of non mixing.
        1. Without stirring, the texture is hard and has obvious edges and corners;
        2. Do not stir other corrosive chemicals with high concentration of acid and alkali;
        3. Do not stir the mixture with large particles, large mass and hard;
        4. No overload mixing;
        In order to protect the small mixer from serious drum damage, there are more than three principles. If the small mixer is not overloaded, it is to protect the motor of the small mixer. If the motor is overloaded for a long time, the motor will be in the load state. In the long run, the motor will be damaged and needs to be replaced. The motor is the power output element of a small mixer and belongs to the "heart" component.
        In addition, at the beginning of daily work, carefully check whether all parts are abnormal, and check whether the clutch, brake and various protective devices are sensitive and reliable before driving. Whether the steel wire rope is damaged, whether the track and pulley are in good condition, whether the machine body is stable and whether there are faults around. The commissioning can be closed only after confirming that there are no problems. After the operation is normal and there is no abnormal sound, the production operation is officially carried out.
        After the machine is started, the driver must concentrate on his work, shall not leave the post without authorization, and must pay attention to the operation of the machine at any time. If abnormal phenomena are found or abnormal noises are heard, the materials in the tank must be discharged. Inspection and repair. When the mixer is running, it is strictly prohibited to maintain it, and it is strictly prohibited to use tools to stretch into the tank for reclaiming.
        When the hopper is lifted, it is strictly prohibited to work or pass under the hopper. When it is necessary to clean the foundation pit of the hopper, the driver must be contacted in advance and the hopper can be cleaned only after it is firmly hung with a safety hook. When repairing the mixer, the power supply must be cut off. If it is necessary to enter the drum for maintenance, a wooden sign of "no switching on" must be hung on the switch box and supervised by a specially assigned person. It is absolutely guaranteed to avoid accidental power supply accidents.
        This is the content of the principle of "no mixing" to ensure the safety of small mixers. Of course, regular maintenance is the basis to ensure no problems during operation, which should be done well. For more information, please visit www.lesdapp.com Check it out. Www. 68mn.



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