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        來源:http://www.lesdapp.com/ 日期:2022-05-11
        Many people don't know much about the general knowledge of the accessories of automatic concrete mixer, such as functional features, accessories and some working principles. Yes, today we'll talk about what we should pay attention to in the use of these.
        When the automatic concrete mixer works, the heel is pressed on the floor of the cab, the foot pedal is parallel to the accelerator pedal, and gently step on the accelerator. When the automatic concrete mixer works, the throttle should always be stable. Under normal operating conditions, the throttle opening should be about 70%.
        When the automatic concrete mixer works, the foot pedal shall be separated from the brake pedal and placed flat on the cab floor, and the brake pedal shall not be stepped on. Automatic concrete mixers often work on uneven construction sites. If the foot is always on the brake pedal, the body will move up and down, which will cause the driver to accidentally step on the brake pedal.
        Generally, the method of controlling throttle deceleration is used to control the working condition and gear shift of the engine. This not only avoids the overheating of the braking system caused by frequent braking, but also brings convenience to the rapid speed-up of the automatic concrete mixer.
        During the operation of the automatic concrete mixer, especially during the shovel operation, the material shall be filled into the bucket by circulating pulling the lifting and bucket control lever under the condition of stable throttle. The cyclic pulling of lifting and stick is the so-called "Piano". This process is very important and has a great impact on fuel consumption.
        When the automatic concrete mixer works, when the accelerator collides with the resistance, the tire is easy to slip. This phenomenon is usually caused not only by improper operation of the driver, but also by increased fuel consumption. Secondly, it is strictly prohibited to tilt the rear wheel.
        Due to the large digging force of the automatic concrete mixer, the driver is usually in the process of shoveling raw soil and rock mountains. If the operation is improper, the two rear wheels are easy to get off the ground. The landing inertia of this lifting action will cause the bucket blade to break and the bucket to deform; When the rear wheel is raised very high, it is easy to cause the welds of the front and rear frames to crack or even break the plates.
        Knowing the relevant contents of the equipment and paying attention to them in the process of use can not only reduce the risk, but also reduce the loss. If there is anything you don't understand, please call us or follow the website www.lesdapp.com Com to view relevant information!



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