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        新聞資訊 /news


        來源:http://www.lesdapp.com/ 日期:2022-05-04
        概述:  小型攪拌機是一種施工設備,本身就具備一定的危險性,所以在進行攪拌機作業時需要有遵守相關的準則,那么小型攪拌機的作業準則有哪些呢
          Small mixer is a kind of construction equipment, itself has a certain risk, so in the blender operation need to comply with the relevant criteria, so what are the operation criteria of small mixer?
          The small mixer is installed on the flat and hard floor, set up horizontally, and the tire shall not be stressed. The working device should be fastened reliably and the wire rope should meet the standard. Hopper upper and lower limit sensitive and reliable, truck insurance hook, body lug intact.
          The driving part has complete protective cover, and the operating handle has safety device. The hopper pit should be rammed high around. The protection zero connection is correct. Set one machine, one brake, one leak and one box. Operation platform instrument, indicating signal accurate and reliable. There is no muddy water around the machine. Complete operating procedures, maintenance system.
          When feeding, it is strictly forbidden to put your head or hand into the hopper and the frame to see or feel the feeding situation. In operation, it is not allowed to use hands or tools to stretch into the mixing cylinder to pull the material out of the material. When the hopper is raised, it is strictly prohibited to work or walk through it. The pillow cushion of the hopper should be set at the bottom of the hopper, and the hopper must be fastened with a chain when cleaning the hopper.
          Add new material to be the first small mixer in the original concrete all out after the discharge. Do not stop the mixer halfway or start it at full load, except for reverse discharge. In case of accident or failure in operation, the power supply should be cut off immediately, the concrete in the cylinder should be cleaned, and then repaired.
          The production process in a blender, can affect the quality of concrete mixer mixing main factors are: the structure of mixer, blender, loading capacity and mixing tube geometric volume, the ratio of the mixture of program and the location of feeding, mixing blade configuration and arrangement of geometric Angle, stirring speed and blade plate wear condition, etc.
          What are the operating principles of small blender? Those are the guidelines. If you want to know more about blender content or questions, go to www.lesdapp.com.



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