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        新聞資訊 /news


        來源:http://www.lesdapp.com/ 日期:2022-04-29
        概述:  小型攪拌機只有滿足抽檢的合格的標準才能順利使用,不然非常容易就會出現問題,造成設備以及人員的安全隱患,那么抽檢小型攪拌機是否合
          Small mixers can only be used smoothly if they meet the qualified standard of sampling inspection. Otherwise, it is very easy to have problems, causing safety risks of equipment and personnel. Then how about the qualified standard of sampling small mixers?
          Gas path system: the oil surface height of the crankcase of the air pump is within the range indicated by the oil window, the air cylinder should be activated, the useful pipeline and the interface should not leak, and the damaged place should be corrected in time. The water in the oil-water separator and gas storage tank should be emptied daily, and the oil atomizer should have enough oil.
          Waterway system: the upper water valve to switch outstanding, such as fault cleaning in time.
          Transmission system: triangle belt tension, chain tightness, connecting shaft distance needs normal.
          Mixing system: mixing leaves, door boards, lining boards, mixing arms are not short and damaged. Is there any leftover material in the mixer? If so, clean it in time.
          Smooth system: add enough smooth grease to each nozzle, focusing on the shaft head seal, check the height of the oil surface of each box, and add enough smooth grease. All round foot screw double head conditioning screw consolidation bolt shall not loose short.
          In addition, driving safety operation consciousness should also pay attention to, in the operation of many people will feel less doubt, usually start illegal operation in the future will lead to regret the onset of heavy incident, the formation of personnel injury is very good results, but usually this large machine is the formation of disability and death of the human body. Seemingly trivial infractions can destroy a person's life, and can lead to family accidents.
          Therefore, each post will go through strict operation training before the post, not only to let workers have a beginning of understanding of the structure and principle of the machine, but more importantly, to let workers have a very intense safety awareness. For such large-scale machine equipment as small blender, a little improper operation will threaten our life and safety.
          Although the use effect of small blender is very good, but in many cases we need to pay attention to their own safety, so all aspects of work should be well prevented. For more information, visit www.lesdapp.com.



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